Sending Email NotificationsΒΆ

Email notifications can be sent when a DAG finished with an error or successfully. To do so, you can set the smtp field and related fields in the DAG specs. You can use any email delivery services (e.g. Sendgrid, Mailgun, etc).

# Email notification settings
  failure: true
  success: true

# SMTP server settings
  host: ""
  port: "587"
  username: "<username>"
  password: "<password>"

# Error mail configuration
  from: ""
  to: ""
  prefix: "[Error]"
  attachLogs: true

# Info mail configuration
  from: ""
  to: ""
  prefix: "[Info]"
  attachLogs: true

If you want to use the same settings for all DAGs, set them to the Base Configuration for all DAGs.