How Long Will the History Data be Stored?

By default, the execution history data is retained for 30 days. However, you can customize this setting by modifying the histRetentionDays field in a YAML file.

How to Use Specific Host and Port or dagu server?

To configure the host and port for dagu server, you can set the environment variables DAGU_HOST and DAGU_PORT. Refer to the Configuration Options for more details.

How to Specify the DAGs Directory for dagu server and dagu scheduler?

You can customize the directory used to store DAG files by setting the environment variable DAGU_DAGS. See Configuration Options for more information.

How Can I Retry a DAG from a Specific Task?

If you want to retry a DAG from a specific task, you can set the status of that task to failed by clicking the step in the Web UI. When you rerun the DAG, it will execute the failed task and any subsequent tasks.

How Does It Track Running Processes Without DBMS?

dagu uses Unix sockets to communicate with running processes.