Command Line InterfaceΒΆ

The following commands are available for interacting with Dagu:

# Runs the DAG
dagu start [--params=<params>] <file>

# Displays the current status of the DAG
dagu status <file>

# Re-runs the specified DAG run
dagu retry --req=<request-id> <file>

# Stops the DAG execution
dagu stop <file>

# Restarts the current running DAG
dagu restart <file>

# Dry-runs the DAG
dagu dry [--params=<params>] <file>

# Launches both the web UI server and scheduler process
dagu start-all [--host=<host>] [--port=<port>] [--dags=<path to directory>]

# Launches the Dagu web UI server
dagu server [--host=<host>] [--port=<port>] [--dags=<path to directory>]

# Starts the scheduler process
dagu scheduler [--dags=<path to directory>]

# Shows the current binary version
dagu version